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So little time and oh so many hobbies.


Quality Counts

I live in a community generally served by Charter Spectrum for internet services.  As I scroll through my social media each day I watch someone new in my community rant about how terrible Charter...

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Review: Razer Sila

This is weird because I’m going to review a product I don’t even own… yet.  I’m considering a Razer Sila for my office just to try it out and I took to posting some...


Quitting Warcraft – An End to an Era

It goes without saying I’m a longtime Warcraft fan. My office is decked out with Warcraft memorabilia.  From Warcraft legos, Warcraft soda cans, Warcraft cups and Warcraft figures.  I even have the full 5-foot...


Chevelle’s North Corridor

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of Chevelle.  I follow the trio religiously on Twitter and FaceBook, have every song I can get my grubby little hands on including cassettes.  I bought a...