Nearly fifteen years ago I started with one blog and have slowly added a myriad of others over the years as other interests became blog-worthy [to me].  This made sense over the years, but now it looks like I never blog on some of my older interests, and I just can’t annoy some of you enough on my newer blogs.  For me, it has increasingly become more and more of a burden to maintain each blog in addition to writing for each one.  So now I’m pointing everything here and this is it folks.  Sarcasm, computers, web development, scouting, religion, more sarcasm, photography, firefighting, sexy lingerie (in moderation), weird thoughts from outer space (did I mention sarcasm?  If I didn’t… mix bullshit in there too)… it’ll all be in here in one big open book of randomness.

So for all my followers from my other sites, I hope you find the other parts of me interesting enough to read and participate.  For everyone new, welcome.  Obviously the name of the site is sarcasm… there will be absolutely no ranting on this blog whatsoever.

So it’s time for a new era, but it’s still me.  I’m looking forward to new friendships and fun in the future.


Professional firefighter since 2008 and web developer since 1999. Husband, father, musician, writer, Scouter... I'm the swiss-army geek in your back pocket.

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