NFL Boycott!

Oh it’s been a while, but something struck a chord in me on Facebook and I needed to get it out of my system.

Nope.  I’m not a Steelers or Roethlisberger fan.  But my buddy is a DIE HARD Steelers fan.  Always has been.  In his excitement to cheer for his favorite team he simply posted “lets go Steelers”.  Cool.  I get it.  I love the Redskins, but my team is bad enough every year I know not to brag about it.  So one of his friends comments:

Screw all the millionaires who are owned by Billionaires. I’ll never watch another one. If I want to watch people cry and whine, I’ll visit a nursery in the hospital!

I’m stumped.

You drive a car that was sold to you from a dealer who’s probably a millionaire from a manufacturer owner who is probably a billionaire.  These millionaires and billionaires have spent the past number of years crying and whining about not selling enough cars and going bankrupt.  The Automotive Industry Crisis of 2008-10 was only ten years ago.

You bank somewhere right?  I mean you aren’t cashing your paycheck and stuffing it under your mattress are you?  All those banks are LOADED with crying, whiny millionaires and billionaires.  In fact they were so whiny they also got the government to bail them out with the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

How about shopping.  I won’t mention Jeff Bezos, cuz he’s like the coolest billionaire on the planet, but how about the asshat Sam Walton?  Whiny billionaire just cries and cries because he just can’t compete with Amazon.  Don’t shop at Walmart?  The owners of your local grocery stores are all millionaires and constantly whine about those icky union workers.

You see ANY movie this year.  Whiny, entitled actors and actresses and directors… all millionaires, owned by whiny, bitchy billionaire studios who get their panties in a wad when you don’t go and see the latest movie.  How about Netflix, Hulu, etc.  All whiny, bitchy millionaires and billionaires.

Do I even need to visit the Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo.  Because we’ve never heard Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo cry over piss poor sales from shitty consoles and/or games.

I have another buddy who paid into our fantasy football league and after the first game of the year, because of the National Anthem protests, benched his whole team and quit for the season.  This I get.  It’s not about money, but about patriotism.

If you’re gonna protest capitalism, don’t turn the channel from a football game to protest football.  You’re only moving your viewing of commercials from one billionaire channel to another.  You wanna protest capitalism?  Turn that shit off entirely.  Hell, donate the TV to the Salvation Army.  In fact, donate all your electronics to the Salvation Army because you don’t wanna pay anything to that billionaire power company that keeps raising your rates.  And while you’re at it, call the water company, cancel all your credit cards, and call the banks to come collect your cars because you won’t be making those payments anymore.

In the meantime, I’m gonna sit back in my lazy-boy made by millionaires on a beautiful chilly Sunday and enjoy me some football with whiny, bitchy, entitled football players that bash their fucking heads in for my entertainment.  With commercials from billionaire TV network owners and enjoying my pizza from a franchise owned by a billionaire.  Damn!  I love capitalism!

To each their own I guess.


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